What’s Worth Seeing in Corfu: A Guide to Greece’s Beautiful Island

    Corfu, a stunning Greek island located in the Ionian Sea, is known for its lush greenery, turquoise waters, and rich history. With so much to see and do, it can be overwhelming to plan a visit. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top sights and experiences that are worth seeing in Corfu.

    What's Worth Seeing in Corfu

    Old Town

    The Old Town is worth seeing in Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must-visit. With narrow alleys, colorful buildings, and historical landmarks, the Old Town offers a glimpse into Corfu’s rich past. Visit the Old Fortress, a Venetian fortress built in the 16th century, for panoramic views of the town and the sea. Wander through the winding streets and visit the Liston, a beautiful promenade lined with cafes and restaurants.

    Achilleion Palace

    The Achilleion Palace, located in the village of Gastouri, is a stunning neoclassical palace that was once the residence of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Admire the beautiful gardens and the palace’s interior, which is adorned with classical art and features a grand staircase and impressive frescoes.


    Corfu is known for its beautiful beaches, with crystal-clear waters and white sand. Some of the most popular beaches include Glyfada, a long sandy beach with plenty of facilities, and Paleokastritsa, a series of small coves surrounded by cliffs and lush vegetation. For a quieter experience, head to Agios Gordios, a peaceful beach with stunning views.

    Mount Pantokrator

    Mount Pantokrator, the highest mountain on Corfu, offers stunning views of the island and the sea. Drive or hike up to the summit and visit the Pantokrator Monastery, a 14th-century Byzantine monastery that houses a small museum and a beautiful church.


    Corfu is home to several museums that offer a glimpse into the island’s history and culture. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Corfu, which features artifacts from ancient Greece, including sculptures, pottery, and jewelry. The Asian Art Museum, housed in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, showcases art and artifacts from Asia, including ceramics, textiles, and paintings.

    Food and Drink

    Corfu is known for its delicious food and drink, influenced by its Greek and Venetian heritage. Sample local dishes, such as pastitsada, a hearty meat stew, and sofrito, a dish made with beef, garlic, and white wine. Visit the Old Town’s many restaurants and tavernas to enjoy traditional Greek cuisine.


    Corfu offers a wealth of sights and experiences for visitors to enjoy. From the Old Town’s winding streets and historical landmarks to the island’s stunning beaches and mountain views, there’s something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the island’s delicious food and drink, and make sure to visit some of the island’s museums and historical sites to learn more about Corfu’s rich culture and history.

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