GTF Freese Marine Floorings

    GTF freese marine floorings

    GTF Freese is a family-run company, renowned worldwide for its flexible ship deck coverings, surface technology and flooring technology. They equip cruise ships with IMO-approved products, including levelling screeds, floating floors and noise reduction systems.When choosing flooring for your boat, you want to make sure it will stand up to all the hazards that you can expect on a marine environment. This means choosing a high-quality, marine-grade vinyl floor.

    GTF freese offers a wide variety of flooring options for any type of watercraft. These include carpeting, rolled or plank vinyl flooring systems and anti-slip diamond-patterned decking.

    The company also supplies design resin floors based on epoxy and polyurethane for interior areas.

    HydraFelt(tm) Backing

    The HydraFelt(tm) Backing of GTF Freese Marine Floorings is a versatile product that can be used in multiple applications. It’s a combination of urethane foam that is covered with a non-woven felt.

    The felt protects the foam and provides a nice cushion underfoot. It also holds less water than a standard foam backing alone.

    This is important because a boat’s floor will eventually encounter water. A foam backing alone will absorb water and can make the floor more difficult to clean.

    This makes the urethane foam backing with the non-woven felt one of the most important components of the AquaWeave(tm) top of the line marine flooring. It’s the best of both worlds – it offers excellent water resistance and a comfortable walking surface, but it’s also fast drying and lightweight.

    AquaWeave(tm) Facing

    Using a combination of vinyl and marine carpet yarns, AquaWeave(tm) flooring is among the hottest trends in the industry. It features a HydraFelt(tm) backing that won’t melt to the deck, degrade or crumble.

    Unlike competitive products, HydraFelt(tm) is applied using a unique liquid fusion process. This method of application creates a superior bond than simple lamination which leads to the least likelihood of delamination.

    It also dries quickly, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. Plus, it’s available in a wide variety of colors and patterns so you can match your flooring to the rest of your boat’s interior.

    The versatility of a product is a key quality in any floor system. GTF Freese Marine Floorings is proud to offer an array of options that can be successfully adapted to any situation on your boat, making it ideal for your next flooring project.

    Ultra Lightweight Underlayment

    When installing a decorative flooring system on a marine deck, a waterproof underlayment is essential. Moisture can cause rust and structural damage to the steel structure, and a waterproof underlayment prevents moisture from getting into the steel subfloor.

    GTF Freese Marine Floorings offers a range of ultra lightweight underlayment solutions that can be used on the floors of marine vessels such as cruise ships and commercial yachts. These products are up to four times lighter than standard underlayment, making them much easier to work with.

    The weight saving benefits of these underlayments are great for marine vessels where a lightweight product can make it more affordable to work to tight deadlines. They also have less bulk which makes them easy to transport and handle.

    For this renovation project, the team from Source One Flooring needed a lightweight deep fill flooring underlayment that could be easily handled and placed. They worked with Spex*Crete(tm) Commercial Underlayments to supply the right product for this application.Other than that it also has some great features mentioned below.


    The best way to keep crew and cargo safe on board a vessel is by having a solid deck. This is where GTF freese marine floorings come in with their sturdy strands of glass encased within a plethora of resins, lacquers and urethanes to name but a few. For a long lasting floor that is as functional and stylish as they come, consider incorporating one of these products into your next build. A well crafted and properly maintained flooring can save you the headaches of refinishing your hull. In fact, it’s one of the most popular ways to spruce up the inside of your boat.


    Keeping your staff safe while operating offshore is the primary priority for facility managers in the marine industry. If rigorous safety procedures aren’t followed, crew, cargo, and business are at risk. Responsible seafarers can minimize these risks by installing Everlast(r) Epoxy flooring in internal areas of their facility or ship that have a high volume of foot traffic.

    A GTF freese marine floor anti-slip covering with teak brown white stripes by GISATEX, ANTISLIP is a resilient deck surface for all yachts, which can be easily processed and offers excellent resistance to distortion and abrasion. It is also highly resistant to temperature extremes, salt water and ultra-violet light.

    ANTISLIP is an epoxy wood protection product that contains polypropylene wax microbeads (particle size 100 microns). It provides an effective anti-slip surface for pedestrians and skid resistance for wheeled traffic. It can be applied as an overlay to bare wood or to existing finishes. It is available in 2 colours and can be used on a wide range of woods, including softwoods, hardwoods (both exotic and broadleaved), new and weathered timbers. It also has good UV and weather resistance and is easy to apply with no sanding or stripping required. It can be cleaned with a gentle cleanser, soft brushes or micro-fiber sponges.

    Installation Instructions

    The GTF Freese family business is an industry leader in ship deck coverings, surface technology and flooring technology. The company equips cruise ships and ferries with IMO approved floor and surface solutions of all shapes and sizes, coats outer hulls with corrosion protection and manufactures design resin floors following the industrial design ethos.

    The most important feature of GTF Freese’s products is that they offer a high degree of functionality in the form of sound and heat insulation. In addition, their woven products are well made and offer great traction. Some are even able to absorb far less heat than conventional woven marine products. The best part is that they can be installed over almost any substrate, including epoxy and polyurethane deck coatings. They are also available in a variety of colors to suit your needs. The company has an impressive track record in the marine flooring market, and is the proud winner of a best in class award from the marine trade association MED.

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